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Arivu Baby offers products from the best international brands, most of which are exclusively represented in the Armenian market. We set trends and develop a sense of taste and style. We don’t just sell brands – we offer passion, outstanding quality, and true inspiration.

Accessories in one’s home are like notes
in a beautiful melody.
We are here to put those notes together.
Arivu Baby
NRB Group
Our key strength is our dedication to excellent work and long-term relationships with our suppliers and clients. We are continually monitoring the dynamic toy market, looking for fresh prospects.
”The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe”

Simon Sinek
Arivu Baby is a devoted team of exceptional specialists who specialize in the distribution and sale of toys and children's goods.
Establishment of the company. Development of the company in the local market.
The Company’s Office moved to Yerevan – the capital of Armenia, to be closer to the final customer.
Arivu Baby currently is a part of
NRB Group. Arivu received strong administrative and financial support.
NRB Group helps Arivu Baby company grow and explore new business directions.
Our shops
have a lot of
Nurcery and Baby Care
Kids Clothes
Children Toys
Kids Room Decor
If you have any questions, reach us here
105/1 Teryan Street, office 606, Yerevan, Armenia